1 Turning center NAKAMURA NJZX with a 10 controlled axes counter spindle
1 6 axes milling center with 8 CB Ferrari 800x400x400 pallets
1 Fixed bench boring mill DEBER with 3000x1500x1000 strokes and rotary table
1 Rotary table boring mill SECMU 2000x1000x1000
2 MORI SEIKI vertical machining centers 1000x500x500
1 6 axes vertical working centers C.B. Ferrari 600x400x400
1 4 axes working center C.B. Ferrari 600x400x400
1 CNC lathe with driven tools MORI SEIKI d= 300x600
1 CNC lathe with driven tools MRI SEIKI d= 500x650
1 Series of lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, gear cutting machines and accessory machines

To the machines described above are included 10 mechanical assemblers and 4 electrical and electronic assemblers.